How Can I Read Books Online For Free?

How can I read books online for free? If you are a book nerd and you’re that kind of person who always buys a new book that can be so expensive, then reading books online can be an alternative to that when you’re on a budget.

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Reading books online is easy, but looking on google and downloading a story from different sites is also depends on the device you want to read it on. There are various formats on each app or device to be used to download the whole book for free. These are compatible with both iOS and Android devices; PDF, RTX, TXT.

The MOBI format usually uses with Kindle, EPUB is compatible with all devices except Kindle and HTML. It is usable if you’re reading in your browser, though eReaders support the format too.

There are some eBooks free, but there are also online that can be bought, especially the newly published books that a bookworm would really want to read the first thing it was released. You can find it in these stores.
The three largest online stores offering ebooks are:

  • Kindle Store
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Books Store
  • Kobo Ebookstore

When you are on a budget, and you can wait for months or years to be released, we have sites for that. But there are also eBooks on these sites that a newbie writer or a start-up publisher can be found on these following sites.

These are the best 10 sites to read free books online:

Project Gutenberg

The oldest eBook collection online was founded in 1971. The library has over 60,000 free eBooks, If you’re looking for classic books to read, “the Project Gutenburg” is the best choice. For those kinds of books, and they are Kindle-compatible and easy to download.

On Project Gutenburg, the format is much more helpful to read as it displays all the elements and formatting. So you will be able to see the original cover of the book, as well as illustrations inside. The file is also searchable, you can use your browser’s find tool to search for words inside the book.

Internet Archives

It is a digital library that was founded in 1996 offers free universal access to books, movies, music, software applications/games, and websites. It currently has over 6 million free ebooks and other text files.

You can use the search box in the top left corner to find a book, then to read the book, you click on the arrows in the bottom bar of the image of the opened book.

The content is also searchable, you can quickly look for your favorite quote on the book, and the amazing part is it has a text-to-speech function. This is an excellent website for finding a new book to read when you aren’t sure what you want to read yet.

Open Library

It is an open project of the Internet Archive to create a web page for every book ever published. The site has 6 million authors and 20 million books. The downloadable books have formats of MOBI and PDF, which you can immediately download the books on your computer.

Google Books

It has a massive collection of books to read available online. Searching on Google is easy, but not all books are free when you search. It should have a ‘free’ word so you can have the exact results you want. You can also search on the author’s name and a book title, but not all books can be fully previewed. The free preview mostly the pages are scans, and they are displayed with the permission of the publisher.


It has a huge collection of free eBooks with a variety of genres, including poetry, classics, fiction, romance, biographies, and more from independent authors and publishers. It has over 500,000 books available and has 100,000 authors. It’s important to note that not all titles are free, and you should click the ‘free’ tab before you search. The Smashwords authors have an option to set up the length of a free preview, some writers choose to let readers preview the entire book. It is customizable from the font size to its font face; you can also personalize the background colors.


It is a self-publishing site where you can find good quality and beautifully designed eBooks. You can browse the books by category, newly published books, bestsellers, and staff picks. They often allow previewing the entire content by the authors. You can easily browse through the book page by page or quickly jump to an attractive section using thumbnail preview.


It is an eBook and audiobook that often described as Youtube for documents. There are millions of documents you can see on this site that you will love. There are comics, brochures, presentations, and especially books. There are available free and for a monthly subscription for you to read.


It is one of the popular eBooks that the internet community for readers and writers connects in one platform. There are a lot of different genres, including classics, general fiction, non-fiction, poetry, humor, and fanfiction. There are more than 10,000 readers who relate to a new story each day. You can see a book in your language because this site supports over 20 languages that you can select.


It is a content discovery and eCommerce website, which launched in February 2013. You have to make an account for you to read books for free, which they have the most beautiful book reading interface.


It is a service to read digital books on the Internet and based on a subscription model, but it also offers free books to read online. It can be connected to your Facebook account and your device to allow you to read books for free on many platforms. It is very well organized as you can browse books by author, by category, by language, and alphabetically.

We are so lucky that there are these kinds of sites that we can go to, that has everything we need to read a book that we really wanted. It is free, accessible, and convenient that we can read it anywhere and anytime we can.

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