Review of The Sea of Monsters Movie

Hey there, everyone! I apologize for last weeks video, Anchor was not working for me, and all it was was a reading episode. You didn’t miss much. I was planning to talk about the Second Percy Jackson Movie!

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Or as the fanbase likes to call them, the Peter Johnson movies. Anyways, we do have the right amount of pros (not a lot though) and around the same amount of cons? These kinds of episodes are fun to do because it’s not just about books, but’s it’s related to a book series I really enjoy! Without further ado, let’s get onto the… movie review?


Well, first things first, they actually changed Annebeth’s hair to a more blonde color and, even though it’s not the the correct amount of blonde, hey, at least they tried. This is a bigger pro! They actually included the characters we missed out on in the last movie!

We finally have Mr. D (who is pretty spot-on) and Clarisse! If you didn’t know, these two characters were not included in the first Percy Jackson movie, though in the book they were. The final scene is pretty accurate, believe it or not, and some others are good as well. Though, these pros don’t compare to the cons, unfortunately.


First of all, what happened to Tyson. In the books, it’s pretty clear that Tyson has a mindset of someone who is much younger then he is himself. His sentences are just one word and in the movies, he’s pretty normal for the most part. Which really isn’t correct.

But anyways, still disappointed that everyone is aged up. By a lot. For those who didn’t read the books, at this point, they’re still 12. What age are they? I’m not sure in the movies but possibly 16 or 17. Can we also point out how they use electronics to look up how to save Thalia’s poisoned tree? That’s not supposed to be possible. But I digress.

Oh, I forgot about this. Grover isn’t supposed to be there at the beginning of the movie. He’s supposed to be “marrying” the Cyclopes. The way the producers did it was by making Grover get kidnapped? Alrighty then..don’t get me started on why Kronos appears in the movie. He’s two books early. Annabeth doesn’t “almost die”. It was very interesting and confusing why they added that part? I don’t get it.

It’s been so long since I’ve watched the movie so I don’t remember if the evil sheep were there? If so, it’s a super small detail, another thing they didn’t add, is the guinea pig island thing? I was actually really hoping for that if it was taken out for financial purposes then, fine.

It’s fine. Yes, they did get the three ladies with one eyeball scene correct, somewhat. But really the best part is when Luke said: “Don’t stand on my roof”. Anyways, this is getting really long so I’ll cut this short.

Thank You For Listening!

Just like the last episode, this was really fun to make. I got to rant about the Peter Johnson movies and it’s also an episode for me to post! Have a great day everyone and here’s our official readability ending!

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