The Fairy Tale, Little Red Riding Hood – Book Reading!

Hello everyone! This week, I am going to be reading! Woohoo! Instead of a story, like The Wild Robot, I will actually be reading a story a lot of you know and love, Little Red Riding Hood! If you, for some reason, haven’t read or heard of this story, let this be your first time! So, without further ado, lay back and relax and listen to me read, Little Red Riding Hood. 

The Podcast

Thank you for listening!

I hope you guys enjoyed the reading of Little Red Riding Hood! I enjoyed reading it, and even though it was grim at times, we really got to witness the original grim fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood!

Hey, the story teaches you a lesson! Don’t talk to strangers, even if they try to convince you they’re someone you trust, such as.. you’re Grandma! But of course, you won’t be in the situation where a big bad wolf is trying to pretend to be your grandmother. Anyway, folks, have a great day, and here is our official readability ending!

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