Amazon’s Audible Product Review

Amazon’s Audible Product Review ~ Amazon Audible is a membership plan for audiobooks that have 200,000 titles that mainly classics and bestsellers. They have a free trial membership for 30 days that includes one audiobook and 2 Audio Originals. Then, after a month of the trial, you’ll get two titles each month: 1 audiobook and 2 Audio Originals of your choice.

You can’t just choose any Original audiobook; Amazon was the one who provides the approved options for free downloading every month. If you ever want to cancel your membership, you can cancel online anytime and still have the entire library saved.

There is a free Audible app that you can access on your devices, and even in your car, you can have all the Audible audiobooks on Apple, Android devices, Alexa-enabled devices, and also on Kindle. The price is about $14.95 per month for the subscription after a month of trial.

Once you have already paid and logged in, you can be able to browse through its categories, which has 26 in total, the List & Collections; that includes the best sellers, New Release, Coming Soon. There are also featured titles on Audible that can be seen easily.

Customer Reviews

The ratings out of 2,883 customers (4.2 out of 5 stars) with 69% rated five stars.

“This is great for the casual audiobook listener. I have tried the monthly plans for 1 year and the yearly plan the next. Both plans were fair. They also have the same great Audible Originals, and fun thins to listen to you can’t get anywhere else.” ~ Jeremy J. Mammon

“I listen to hundreds of books with my audible app. It is a lifestyle change for my gardening, going to sleep, driving…. you’ll find me listening to a great read.” – Lisa Taylor

“Great for learning to speak Spanish. Lessons are short, about 30 minutes. Lessons build incrementally upon each other. Automatically bookmarks your position. Easy to move between listening in streaming mode while driving and directly from the phone. Not ideal for learning to write Spanish though” – Submariner

“I don’t find the time to set down and read a book; with Audible whenever I am in the car; I can enjoy the books I want to read. Love this app.” – Sharron Powell

“Have a 4.5-hour commute each day, and without this, I do not know what I would have been able to continue it. It’s crazy, but most days, I am excited to get back to my 2.25-hour drive each way to continue my stories.” – James Mc

“It is difficult to navigate. The UI design doesn’t make sense. Amazon can’t possibly design this. Hard to navigate around and find things. Bookmarks don’t sync across devices, yet Whispersync works. Priorities fail. There’s no list of chapters. There are just too many straight forward things missing that keep me from committing to a subscription.” – EmuSeller

“It’s not working for me! I keep getting a message about “Internal Service Failure.” This is the first app I’ve ever had that has not worked.” – Nita K.

“It stutters and turns off when I try to read my emails on the bus or moving” – Jake Burdeaux.

“Have a 4.5-hour commute each day, and without this, I do not know what I would have been able to continue it. It’s crazy, but most days, I am excited to get back to my 2.25-hour drive each way to continue my stories.” – James Mc

“The service itself was excellent. Unfortunately, when I tried to cancel my membership, they charged my card one last time, even though my month was ending days after I canceled.

“1 star because charged my credit card 28 days into the 30-day trial and after I had already canceled the trial. Charging a customer before the end of a trial is an unethical business practice and a gross misuse of credit card information.” – C Hunt

“The service itself is fine. We didn’t use it very much as we use the local library more. The service was difficult for us to cancel through Amazon-however every time we called, every representative was courteous and professional. They all did their best to assist us with canceling.” – ALadyBoops

“I enjoyed being able to listen to different audiobooks while I drive. Wasn’t crazy about the fact that’s it was $20 a month just for the membership plus whichever book you want to listen to.” – Nick M.

“I wouldn’t recommend it. Not beneficial to me” – Aida

“Love this service. Sitting in traffic no longer bothers me. The narrators are mostly fantastic. I never thought I’d enjoy listening to books read to me in such a creative and captivating fashion. I’ve never gone through so many books as I do now. Love the monthly credits as well.” – Ms. Mercy


Base on the random comments that were collected, it will always depend on the individual needs and experience, whether negative or positive. If it’s beneficial to you and your kids when at home or even traveling. Sometimes, it will cost you more than you use it. Well, it will always be in your own opinion.

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