Kids Books of 2019

Kids Books of 2019 ~ Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas this year.

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Even though I don’t have much to say for this Kickoff session like the only thing I have to say is the fact that readability is available on PocketCasts so got check that out if you’d like. I’ll just move on to what we will be doing today.

What Will We be Doing Today?

Since 2019 is coming to an end, In today’s episode of Readability, I will be giving you all my top three favorite books of all time. Along with the book name and author, I’ll be telling you all a summary and why I loved the book. This episode is great for kids who don’t know what to read currently. Also, the order of the list is not in order of which book is best. It’s just in random order. Let’s get right into it!

Book #1: The Fudge Series by Judy Blume

Kids Books of 2019

I bet you’ve heard of the one and only Judy Blume. Judy writes children’s novels. In this little series, with the main characters, Peter being the oldest and Farley/fudge being the youngest Hatcher, Peter has to deal with the crazy brother that is Fudge. Going to weird places and having funny and pure events.

Judy Blume is such a creative writer and makes this story so relatable to those who have siblings. Even if you don’t, This series will bring a smile to your face. Or even a laugh.

The characters, especially Peter, have a witty personality. Peter has a comedic perspective in life. Kids his age (around the age of 8-12) can relate to the situations he is in and gets a good laugh out of it. It’s a great short chapter book to read in your free time for kids.

Book #2: Front Desk by Kelly Yang

Kids Books of 2019

Ten-year-old Mia Tang has immigrated from China to the United States. Having significant expectations for their new life, Mia’s parents soon realized that it isn’t going to be easy. Working at the front desk in the Calavista motel with the mean motel owner Mr. Yao is tough enough. Along with trouble at home, Mia has to deal with stuff going on at school, trying to fit in, and meeting new friends.

I am thinking about doing a Front Desk Review shortly, so I’m not going to spoil much.

Kelly Yang writes this coming-of-age tale that warms my heart. It’s an emotional story of trial and error with the Tang family and events that some can relate to, even me! Mia’s personality is so courageous and reliable, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. I love this book so much, and kelly Yang does an excellent job writing Front Desk.

#3: Real Friends by Shannon Hale

This is the only graphic novel on this list. This book was absolutely amazing. It talks about friendship and the meaning of it. It follows Shannon, the main character, and her childhood best friend, Adrienne. Shannon has always been very anxious and nervous about school. once Shannan meets Adrienne, she feels much happier at school.

That’s not until a few years later that Adrienne meets a girl named Jenn. Jenn’s friend group starts bullying Shannon, and now she’s is wondering if Adrienne wants to be her friend anymore.

I’ll be honest; there’s more to the story then what I just told you. Shannon Hale does a fantastic job writing these characters. Shannon, not the author, is very realistic and relates to a lot of kids her age that are going through the same situation. I recommend this book to kids. It’s a great lesson to show what friends are for.

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Thank you all for listening! I hope you all had a great 2019 and are ready for 2020. Here’s the official al Readability ending.

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