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Hello and welcome to the very first Readability episode of this year. In today’s podcast, I wanted to give you all my New Year’s reading goals! Much like New Year’s resolutions, I am going to be showing you guys what I want to accomplish this year that is related to books!

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If you guys didn’t know already, at the Readability website, we’ve been publishing different articles all about books! So, if you enjoy readability, please check our website! Now, it’s time to get on to the episode!

Goal Number One

This year, I would love to read many more books! I believe a lot of kids would like to read many more books! I noticed last year that I didn’t read so many books until the end of the year. Now this year, I would like to read way more! I’ll learn lots more and be able to be more educated!

Goal Number Two

My next goal is to read a series and complete it! I can tell that I always read the first two books of a series and never complete it because I don’t have the time too! But, sometimes, I’m just lazy! So this year, I would like to exchange my laziness for completing a series! I was thinking about the Percy Jackson series or Nancy Drew!

My Final Goal

My last goal is to have fun with reading! I am in the battle of the books club, and when I first receive my book, I am so excited to learn more about it! If you’re apart of this club, you also understand that you have a deadline as well. Once it gets close to that deadline, I start rushing and not paying attention to my book.

That’s a big thing I would like to change about reading. I want to actually be interested in the story and understand it! But, this doesn’t go for every book I read. There are some changes that I have book that is super interesting, funny, or short that I keep reading! I guess this goal mostly goes with the battle of the books, but I’ll add it in here anyway!

Thank you for listening!

I hope you all can agree and accept my 2020 reading goals! If you have similar goals, that’s great! I really hope you complete your resolutions by 2021! I hope you all are having a great 2020, and know is the time to move to our Readability ending!

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