How To Get Into Reading!

Hello, and welcome! Today’s episode will not be a review. Instead, I will give you some advice! Today, I will be informing you all about how to get into reading!

This can honestly be for any age, but if you’re a kid, like me, this is how I got into reading. I will give you my top 3 tips, so I hope you enjoy it! So, without further ado, let’s get onto my tips!

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1. Find the right book

This one is almost common sense. But, an excellent way to get into reading is to find the right book for you to start with. By choosing a book that fits your interests or needs, then this could benefit your interest in reading!

If you, an example, are interested in tv shows that involve big mysteries and true crime, try and find a mystery book. A good classic is Nancy Drew, but if you think another novel would fit you best, then chose that one! It depends on what kind of story you think you would enjoy more.

I also wanted to point out, if you find a book and you think you would enjoy it, but you end up not liking it, don’t give up! Some books may not pique your interest.

For more tips on how to choose the right book for you, check out episode #12: Tips On How to Choose a Good Book! It’s one of my older episodes, but it can still give useful info!

2. Join a Book Club or an Extracurricular Activity with Books!

This is how I got into books. Not everyone may know this, but I was a former Battle of the Books member. This is a club where you read a certain amount of books for two months or more, then go to competitions too and answer questions about the books.

It seems a bit boring, but it’s enjoyable and intriguing! Joining a club like this helps you discover new books to read, and there’s always old Battle of the Books (BOB) books to try out! Even if you’re too old to join a team (which is fine), I would recommend finding any book club you can participate in!

I have never been a community book club, but I would assume that in this kind of group, you can actually have a say in what you read, and even if the book that was chosen isn’t what you wanted, it’s still opening up potential favorites! So keep this tip in mind if you want to get into reading, with some friends!

3. If You Have a Busy Schedule, Use Audio Books!

This one may be a little confusing, to some, but hear me out. I know some people really don’t have the time to sit down and physically read a book, and that’s totally fine! I would recommend using tip number one, finding the right book, and using an audiobook to take in the information.

Instead of using your eyes to learn about what’s going on in the story, you can use audiobooks! It is so much quicker, and this means you can go through books more easily. This is more beneficial for adults, kids maybe, but it’s just a little tip to help you get into reading, your main problem is that you don’t have the time to read the book.

I’d also recommend an e-reader if you can’t bring the physical book around with you, that works just as good! Some people say that using an audiobook isn’t reading, and I say that it really doesn’t matter. It’s taking in the same information through your ears instead!

Thank You For Listening!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode! I really wanted to help all my listeners who want to get into reading, but don’t know how! There are so many books out there, so I hope some of you get to read them! Alrighty guys, here’s our official Readability ending!

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